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Today it’s the turn of one called AuruMoney for some closer inspection but if I’m honest I think a lot of fans of shorter term HYIP fans will recognize a lot what’s going on with this one instantly. AuruMoney has a lot in common with any number of other programs that have come to dominate this side of the industry recently, some of which have been highly effective (and others a bit less so). On the plus side I don’t think there’s going to be any surprises from AuruMoney and the more experienced players reading this will probably know what to expect. Another positive is that while not all of AuruMoney‘s plans can be recommended (far from it in fact) there are some sections that are well worth a gamble. In fact their first plan has already started paying off and put the first investors there into profit already.

The available offers include five distinct investment plans that range from ultra-short and quite likely to put a decent number of you into profit provided you’re going to move on it fast enough to slightly longer term plans that are going to be exceptionally difficult to meet. The choice is yours entirely and I’ll just map them out here for you to think over.

We’ll start with a plan that runs for just 1 single day and pays on expiry. AuruMoney at the time of writing by the way has only been online for two days so this is the one that’s put the first investors in profit. Payment on your deposit is made on expiry so in other words if you join today you can get paid tomorrow. The plan can be joined for a $10 minimum, your payment will include your principal, and your earnings will be based on the size of your initial deposit. Rates include:
105% for amounts between $10 and $499, 106% for amounts from $500 to $999, and 107% for anything above that to a value of $1,999. If you want any information about deposits of $2,000 and more please go to your AuruMoney member’s area.

The next plan runs for a term of 5 calendar days and also makes one single payment on expiry that includes your principal. $10 is still the minimum deposit and for anything up to $1999 this time AuruMoney are paying 128%. Other rates for larger deposits can be found from inside your account area.

As you can see AuruMoney‘s plans are getting progressively more and more risky as we progress through them. Their fourth option pays on expiry after a term of 15 days, and also starts with a $10 deposit. For anything between that and $2,999 you are offered a final return of 200% that includes your principal. It’s not altogether impossible to achieve this in such a short time, but honestly it depends on a healthy cash flow being generated from the shorter term plans to cover it, will only realistically be made for smaller deposits, and is unlikely to be maintained beyond a minimal number of cycles. See your members area for further details on what’s being offered to larger deposits (not that I’d recommend you make one).

The final plan is unlikely to attract may takers for a variety of reasons which will become obvious to you as soon as you see what it offers, not to mention the term which will be lucky to go for one complete cycle at most. But see for yourselves because I’m just including it for information purposes here. The investment term runs for 37 days with AuruMoney making one single payment on expiry. For a deposit between $10 and $99 for example you can get a return of 1000% at the end of the term. Sounds great but not likely to succeed.
For your information other rates include 1500% for deposits of $100 to $149, and an even more unfeasible 2,000% and anything above $150 to a maximum of $50,000.

Your choice of payment methods is WiredPay, Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money in use at the moment. So keep the “no refunds allowed” policy in mind when deciding how much to spend. Payments are made instantly (a lot of similar programs do not this).

The program is running off a licensed GoldCoders script and is also hosted on a dedicated server by DsoSWiz. The level of protection from DDoS attacks seems to be OK as AuruMoney suffered their first one yesterday (yes, barely a day online!). It was a fairly minor one and was successfully mitigated by their provider. You will also find various details relating to things like total amounts of money deposited, paid out, number of members, et cetera on the home page. Customer support if you have any questions for the admin is available by filling out the e-mail ticketing form on the contacts page and submitting it. Unfortunately SSL encryption does not feature here. A recent improvement to the program has been the addition of SSL encryption, which hadn’t been in place at the start. This will dramatically improve site security and shows the admin is taking it seriously as well.

Texts are original though are a bit cryptic and really give little away as to the nature of AuruMoney‘s alleged business activities in this case we are told this involves the “gold market” and not much else. But despite the undeniable fact that gold prices continue to rise, they don’t rise that fast! The gold business (nor any other to my knowledge) can offer anything like the returns offered by AuruMoney. I think it’s best to as always proceed with caution and keep within sensible limits. That involves spending affordable amounts of money, keeping your final expectations more modest than the website itself might suggest, and always keep a wide and diverse portfolio.