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Started Mar 22, 2020
Running days 184
Total accounts 29717
Active accounts 9346
Total deposited $1,205,555.00
Total withdraw $850,143.18
Last deposit: $53.00 (moneymake)
Last withdraw: $8.33 (HPM)
Newest Member Pakin
Latest update Sep 22, 2020

Payment options

AuruMoney VISA Debit Card

AuruMoney has something special for you all - a completely new and original opportunity!
Each week we will draw a lucky member (among active investors) who will receive a prepaid VISA Debit Card worth $500!

Loaded amount of $500 can be withdrawn at local ATM, used for purchases at internet, stores, etc. Basically you can do anything with the amount you wish like with a regular payment card.

This is not the only benefit of our VISA Debit Card. One will also be able to load it instantly using BitCoin, Payeer or WiredPay e-currencies.

Once the lucky member is selected (lottery based, completely randomly), we will send the plastic VISA card with all the information required such as PIN, card's control panel website, where you can change PIN, check transaction history and load it using the e-currencies.

Next lottery will be held on Sunday. We will keep you informed!