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Started Mar 22, 2020
Running days 220
Total accounts 35355
Active accounts 10238
Total deposited $1,291,608.00
Total withdraw $1,018,000.30
Last deposit: $29.00 (thehyipsinfov)
Last withdraw: $20.00 (Compaq)
Newest Member TTinvest
Latest update Oct 28, 2020

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World financial market certificate.

 If you are familiar with the world financial market then you should know that there are large financial trading programs where investors start from $100,000,000. AuruMoney INC is already...

 AuruMoney INC was founded to bring this investment solution to you. We offer a professional investment service for WiredPay, Payeer, NixMoney, BitCoin, Perfect Money, OKPay account holders to grow their e-currencies funds through our offshore finance partner.

"It is the wise investor who capitalizes on the successes of others."
You may also use the automated interface below to send your investment.


  For investments in excess of $10,000, we will give you direct access to the finance company we work with, thus gaining you a preferential investment rate. All of your investments and funds are secured ! You can view our certificate to let you trust in our company! You can withdraw your profit by Bank Wire, Western Union, Credit Card, Paypal without fee.
How To Start The Investment?
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If you have any problems about processing of your investment to our system, you could email us or click here to start Live Chat with us: Live Chat

Key benefits:

  • AuruMoney INC is a registered company (Info.)
  • All payments are made to your account Daily
  • 24.7 Online access
  • Live support
  • Minimum spend is $100 and there is no maximum
  • Additional deposits as many times as you like
  • Opportunity to withdraw an investment earning at any time without fee
  • Opportunity to withdraw an investment principal
  • Referral program which pays 5-15% of deposit made by your referrer
  • All transactions are handled via e-currencies
  • You can win Visa Debit Card
Use our referral program and earn up to 15.00% of referral deposits!